Monday, October 27, 2008

Gasoline Prices

Isn't it insane that just a little under 2 months ago, my area of south Alabama was looking at gas prices close to $4.00/gallon. Then the "stock market crisis" started and the prices have been dropping steadily Every Day!

This is what I paid for gasoline today at the Wal-Mart!


Emily said...

That's great in some areas here in Ohio it's $1.99! Feels like a million years since we've seen that!

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Mindy said...

Wow! I just paid $2.80 and was excited. I actually don't mind going to the gas station lately - much better than $4.00 plus over the summer.

Kim said...

I actually got it today for $2.39...I'm in North Alabama. I sure am glad it is starting to drop.
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Marrid66 said...

Ours is down to 1.97 Yahoo!!

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Irene said...

It' amazing isn't it? I just scared it is a trick and won't last. Guess that's the pessimist in me. Aarrgh!

AMH615 said...

Here's what irritates me. It was $1.66 this morning. It dropped to $1.62 this afternoon. On a normal day, maybe that drop would seem warranted. But it's Sunday. No gas being delivered, that I saw, and no Futures being bought or sold. So how are they dropping the price? Just picking random numbers out of thin air?