Saturday, December 20, 2008

November and December

Well, the past 2 months have just been 1 problem after another....I need to rename this blog "Crisis of the Week" or even "Crisis of the Day"!!

Here is a small sampling of many of the crisis I had in November and December in no particular order......

1. 1998 Camry overdue for oil change, 17 year old daughter drives it the most and never made it to get the oil changed as we instructed...then it started making noises, then she got oil changed, made more guessed it....threw a rod! So now engine has to be rebuilt. My husband who has always done all our auto repairs, is still having the terrible back problems, but he has started slowly working on it. He has found several parts on Ebay at a great discount, thank goodness!

2. 16 year old son went on field trip to the "International Food Festival". He did not follow directions and was left at the place. His teacher called AFTER they got back to school and frantically told me he had not come back! Great!! Long story, short, he called me, was safe with a friend of his and this friend's aunt who brought him home.

3. The next Monday after field trip incident, I find out my son is suspended for 3 days because THEY left him at the place.......

4. Last week, my 17 year old daughter (the one mentioned in #1), is driving my 1999 Honda Passport home from school and has a fender bender (her fault)!!!!! The Camry is still disassembled and now the Passport is out of commission until it can be fixed...$500 deductible....that we do not have. She already has had to give us money she makes from her part-time job toward the Camry being fixed.

These are just a few of the problems we have been experiencing lately....I would have to say this year has been one of the worst as far as problems in our 20 year marriage.....but it could be a lot worse, so I won't complain too much!


Julie said...

Sounds a little like my life. One problem after the next.
Moma's Life

Lazy Housewife said...

Hope 2009 is a better year for you. :)
So Not Domestic

Emily Retherford said...

Wow sounds like you've had a hard couple of months!

Mama and Hustler???
My Mommy Chronicles

Harry said...

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